Posted: 22.01.2024 13:33:00

Up to 10,000 teachers on strike in Estonia

About 10,000 teachers of Estonia’s secondary schools are taking part in a nationwide strike, demanding higher wages, TASS reports


According to the portal of Estonia’s public broadcaster ERR, secondary school teachers put forward a demand to set the minimum monthly salary at the level of 1,950 Euros. This is due to the fact that the high workload against the background of low wages leads to a growing shortage of teachers.

As informed by the Education Workers’ Union, more than 9,470 teachers from 330 schools have joined the strike.

In December, during the last round of negotiations, the authorities proposed to raise the minimum wage for teachers by 3.1 percent (which is 1,803 Euros) instead of 1.77 percent that had been originally proposed by the government. However, teachers who insisted on an 11 percent increase in the minimum wage rejected that proposal.