Posted: 21.11.2022 10:39:00

Ukrainian troops striking at agricultural facilities to cause famine in Zaporozhye

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been purposefully shelling agricultural facilities in the Zaporozhye Region for five months in order to cause famine in the area and force citizens to move – as stated by the Chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement, Vladimir Rogov, TASS reports


Mr. Rogov called the Ukrainian army’s strikes at agricultural facilities genocide. “This is done purposefully to cause hunger in the territory so that people are not provided with food. This has been observed from four to five months – thus confirming the purposeful policy of forcing the population to leave the region. This is pure genocide," he said.

According to Mr. Rogov, several thousand cattle have been killed, and this issue is particularly acute in the Vasilyevsky and Kamensk-Dneprovsky districts located on the contact line. In addition, in the Rozovka District, a hayloft, cowsheds and a granary were destroyed by HIMARS missiles, and a water treatment plant was also shelled.

“Despite this, we are provided with grain, several types of cereals, and sunflower oil – though the Pology Oil Extraction Plant is almost completely destroyed by several dozen shells,” Mr. Rogov added.