Posted: 24.11.2021 13:35:00

Trade unions bring humanitarian aid for refugee children

Yelena Golubeva, the Head of the Main Department for Culture and Public Work at Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions, commented on small refugees’ needs

Photo by Maria Krushevskaya

“We’ve brought today yoghurts, fruit puree, chocolate, cookies, marshmallows, and juice. All products are made in Belarus and are of the supreme quality. There should be enough supplies for about a week. We have also delivered colouring books and crayons. Children should feel childhood even in such field conditions. Adults can suffer hardships, though it’s hardly possible to explain such things to kids,” the lady says.

Since the time the refugee camp was arranged on the border, the Federation of Trade Unions has sent more than twenty cars of humanitarian aid to those in need. The organisation liaises with the Belarusian Red Cross Society, and humanitarian aid is collected according to specific requests.

“The volunteers who work here inform us on what people need. There is more sense from targeted assistance than from formally collected goods,” Ms. Golubeva explains. “Branch trade unions have distributed the load among themselves so that every day refugees receive something that will at least slightly ease their staying here. These people are hostages of the situation.”