Posted: 13.07.2022 10:11:00

That is how Oleg Novitsky visited Aleksandr Lukashenko in Alexandria

Pilot-cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky visited the Head of State. Aleksandr Lukashenko met the famous Belarusian, the Hero of Russia and his daughter Yana, as they say, ‘without ties’ in his small homeland in Alexandria. Sincerely and warmly, first of all, enclosing them in friendly hugs.

They started with a short tour of the President’s native places. Here is the house where Aleksandr Lukashenko grew up. Nearby is a huge willow, two strong men can barely grasp it. Interlocutors checked it. The Head of State shares his innermost: he said that he always hugs this tree when he comes to his small birthplace.

Oleg Novitsky with his daughter Yana
Photo by BELTA

“The tree is about 120 years old. Look, it was broken. There was some kind of hurricane, then a thunderstorm…” tells the President.
Arriving in Alexandria and not visiting Trofimova Krinitsa is just impossible.  A long time ago the spring was beautified by the president’s grandfather Trofim who was a carpenter. It is known that the spring well was one of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s favourite vacation spots. It wasn’t surprising that the Belarusian leader also took his guest to the spring well. They arrived at the spring in a rare GAZ-69 car, on which the Head of State recently arrived at the experimental fields at the junction of the Mogilev and Vitebsk regions, where rapeseed and winter barley are grown. Oleg Novitsky appreciated the old car. “Absolutely amazing,” the cosmonaut concluded emotionally. Spitz Umka also jumped into the cab. The spring was restored on behalf of the Head of State. A wooden plaque near Trofimova Krinitsa reads: ‘The first mention of the spring dates back to 1917. During its restoration, a cross, elements of wooden structures of the log house and ritual items were found, which indicate that the spring was consecrated. Passing through natural filtration, its water becomes not just crystal clear, but truly life-giving.’ Meanwhile, Aleksandr Lukashenko told the cosmonaut how in 2013 the spring was restored and landscaped. And then offered him to dip and drink some water, “That’s how we do it. To the health. To have as many landings as flights.” The President and the cosmonaut clinked glasses with huge mugs of the same spring water. 
“You must take three sips. The water is very good here!” this time the Head of State turned to Yana, the daughter of Oleg Novitsky. “It’s just perfect!” the cosmonaut admitted. 
...There was signature salad on the presidential table. “Youth. Anti-COVID”, as Aleksandr Lukashenko himself pointed out. The recipe is as follows: finely chop the onion (there should be a lot of it), grate the cucumber, chop the boiled eggs, add sour cream and salt to taste. The Head of State is in the role of chef. “Incredible smell” notices Oleg Novitsky while the President is chopping and pounding an onion in a bowl. “You and I are village people, we know how it works. You need a little cucumber so as not to interrupt the taste and so that there is no bitterness, it neutralises a little. We make the egg separately on a plate, you can add it to taste, because someone likes it with an egg, and someone doesn’t,” Aleksandr Lukashenko shared life hacks in response. At the same time, he asked the guest if there was enough salt, and asked him to open two cans of sour cream.
Talks, talks, talks... The President of Belarus and our famous cosmonaut spoke, including about... flax. Oleg Novitsky came to the meeting in a shirt with a national ornament. 
However, Oleg Novitsky could be seen at the Kupala Night nationwide festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends) the day before. 
“This is my first time in Alexandria. I really liked it. To be honest, I have not checked my photographs from space, but I hope that this piece of land got there. It must be published somehow. The atmosphere here is very wonderful. The ‘Alexandria Gathers Friends’ motto is worth it. Very kind people have gathered here who need peace, need normal work, simple human joys,” he shared his impressions with journalists.

By Dmitry Umpirovich