Media: N. Korea launched missile towards Sea of Japan

Yonhap News Agency, referring to the South Korean military, stated that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea launched a ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM “North Korea fired what appeared to be an intermediate-range missile into the East Sea [Sea of Japan],” the publication reads. Information about the purpose of the missile launch is not provided.

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Belaya Rus party establishing contacts with N. Korea

... attempts to isolate the country, North Korea is successfully developing and strengthening ... by the Workers' Party of North Korea," he stressed. In turn ... Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of North Korea to Belarus, Ju Jong Bong ... stressed. The Workers' Party of North Korea is interested in closer co ...

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Media: Kim Jong Un supervised drills with ‘super-large’ launchers

... South Korea and Japan reported North Korea's launch of several short ...

Kim Jong Un , North Korea , drills

Kim Jong Un visited exercises and instructed to speed up ‘war preparations’

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the site of the exercises and ordered to increase the intensity of efforts to improve the combat readiness of the military, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM It is stated that Kim Jong Un visited a large base of the Korean People's Army on March 6th. He watched the training facilities and supervised the practical manoeuvres of military units. He was met by the North Korean Defence Minister, Kang Sun Nam ...

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S. Korea, US to hold annual drills to combat potential nuclear threat

... Shield exercise will come as North Korea continues to test missiles and ...

South Korea , US , North Korea , military drills

DPRK leaders vowed to occupy S. Korea if necessary

... , Kim Jong-un, said that North Korea would occupy South Korea if ... Korean leader added that if North Korea’s enemies dare to use ...

North Korea , South Korea , Kim Jong-un

N. Korea to have tourist zone

North Korea’s Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist ...

North Korea , tourism

N. Korea ends economic liaisons with South

The Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK voted to cancel all agreements with South Korea on the development of economic co-operation amidst the ongoing deterioration of relations between the two states, Reuters reports Photo: The assembly, which makes official decisions of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, also voted to repeal the laws governing economic ties with Seoul, including a special document on the work of the tourist project on Mount Kumgang. "The tours to the ...

south korea , North Korea , economy , co-operation

Media: N. Korea ready to welcome first foreign tourists since 2020

... to be allowed to enter North Korea since the introduction of anti ... the spread of COVID-19, North Korea imposed one of the strictest ... of Primorsky Krai, which borders North Korea, visited Pyongyang for talks in ...

North Korea , russia , tourism

S. Korea, USA, Japan conducted naval drills after N. Korea’s missile launch

The navies of the Republic of Korea, the United States and Japan have conducted combined exercises, involving a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the waters south of Jeju Island, with an aim to practice combating the missile threat from the DPRK, TASS reports photo: According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Republic of Korea, the manoeuvres take place from January 15th-17th. Its Chairman Kim Myung-soo visited the American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson on the first day ...

South Korea , USA , Japan , North Korea , naval drills

N. Korea says it has tested solid-fuel hypersonic missile

... Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea tested a new solid-fuel ... three-way phone call that North Korea’s provocations were the main ... KCNA commentary on January 15th, North Korea accused Seoul of escalating tensions ...

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N. Korea said clashes with S. Korea highly probable in 2024

The Korean Central Telegraph Agency stated that the risks of a direct clash between the armed forces of the DPRK and South Korea in 2024 are the highest, TASS reports photo: The agency called several exercises of the South Korean military in 2024 and statements by the country's leadership on strengthening military capabilities ‘suicidal outrage’. According to the source, ‘even more interventionists, primarily from the United States and Japan, will roam the Korean Peninsula’. ...

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Media: DPRK launching new satellites and building drones due to US actions

North Korea vowed to launch three new ... but imposed new sanctions as North Korea began conducting new missile tests ...

North Korea , US , weapons

N. Korea terminated military agreement with S. Korea and promised to place new weapons on border

The DPRK announced that it will deploy more powerful armed forces and new types of weapons on the border with South Korea, Reuters reports Photo: The statement was made the day after Seoul suspended part of the military agreement between the two Koreas in protest against Pyongyang's launch of a spy satellite. In a statement reported by the KCNA news agency, the North Korean Defence Ministry said the country would restore all military measures terminated in accordance with the ...

south korea , North Korea , military co-operation

N. Korea tested new solid-fuel engines for intermediate-range ballistic missiles

North Korea has announced today the successful ... bases in Guam and Japan. “North Korea’s official Korean Central News ... tests are a continuation of North Korea's efforts to develop weapons ...

North Korea , missile , tests

N. Korea to launch reconnaissance satellite by end of October

The North Korea Institute for National Unification has ...

North Korea , satellite , launch

China, N. Korea resumed flights

Flights between China and Korea have been launched again after air passenger transportation was stopped in 2020 due to COVID-19 infection, TASS reports with reference to Beijing Capital International Airport Photo: The first flight was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 9:50am local time; it took off from Pyongyang airport. It is informed that flight JS151 was operated by the DPRK air carrier, Air Koryo. The JS152 plane of the same company flew back at 1pm local time.

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S. Korean leader expressed fear that DPRK could use nuclear weapons

... of the growing threat from North Korea, they plan to consolidate relations ... States. "I think that North Korea will use all possible means ...

south korea , North Korea , nuclear weapons

N. Korea promised to soon launch military satellite

... of the Workers' Party of North Korea, said the country plans to ... satellite into orbit, adding that North Korea will continue to invest heavily ... . It is also reported that North Korea will make every effort to ...

North Korea , satellite

S. Korea and US launched largest live firing exercises in response to DPRK threats

... nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, Reuters reports Photo: www.Reuters ... , near the fortified border with North Korea, American and South Korean servicemen ... nuclear and missile threats from North Korea,” the South Korean Defence Ministry ...

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