The tree comes alive in the hands

You can see an exhibition of works by Nikolai Krivonos in the Khotimsk House of Crafts In two shifts: work as a physical education teacher at school No. 2 in Khotimsk and a volleyball class. In addition, Nikolai Krivonos spends all his free time in the workshop. Actually, this is a simple balcony on the first floor of a five-story building. The wood carver has all the tools there: chisels, knives and brushes. The work drags on until late at night. Shavings and sawdust are carried around the ...

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The country of the bird of paradise

Malyavankas, icons on glass and carving: craftswoman Volha Piletskaya revives ancient rituals and traditions The Kletsk resident received the honorary title of People’s Master of Belarus two years ago. Last year, she was the best in ‘Spirituality and Culture’ nomination in the regional competition Woman of the Year of the Minsk Region. Thanks to her initiative, many folk costumes of the Kletsk District were found and restored. Three local rituals at once claim the status of the intangible ...

craft , Malyavankas , Volha Piletskaya

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