Posted: 23.05.2023 17:16:00

Supreme Eurasian Economic Council to meet on May 25th in Moscow

The agenda of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting – scheduled for May 25th in Moscow – has been approved. As informed by the official representative of the EEC, Iya Malkina, it will include 30 issues.

“The heads of state are to be reported on the implementation of the Main Directions of the EAEU International Activities in 2022 and the Strategy-2025, in addition to the results of the work carried out in 2022 on natural monopolies,” Ms. Malkina said.

According to the official, the Supreme Council will discuss the implementation of approaches to the development of trade and economic co-operation with the EAEU main partners in the mid-term following the results of last year. It will also focus on the liberalisation plans for certain sectors of services within the EAEU, the results of monitoring the implementation by states of the provisions provided for by the rules governing trade in services, incorporation and activities.

“It is expected that the Supreme Council will sign a protocol on amendments to the Treaty on the EAEU in terms of providing financial assistance in the implementation of joint co-operation projects in industries by the EAEU states, as well as a package of amendments to the Treaty on the EAEU – III Big Protocol. Changes to the rules of work of the EEC and other issues are also planned for consideration,” Ms. Malkina added.