Posted: 04.06.2024 17:21:00

Deterrence factors

Multi-vector actions are at the heart of ensuring peace

The recent talks between the heads of Belarus and Russia at the Palace of Independence in Minsk have showed that security and economic issues are given top priority today. Our further development will be ensured by suppressing any attempts at direct aggression by NATO against Belarus and Russia.

                                The President of Belarus, 
                            Aleksandr Lukashenko,

“Not only do we constantly discuss matters of security and defence of our states, but we have also created a joint military group to defend the Union State. We keep an eye on everything that is happening on our borders. We see and know this, starting with the construction of various fences and the inflation of hysteria with military exercises that are held near our borders. We pay top-priority attention to security, and many of our meetings are 90 percent or maybe even more dedicated to security and defence. This is except for today’s meeting, where we have devoted a lot of time to the economy (even more than to security issues), because the economy is one of the factors underpinning security.”

During a conversation with journalists following the official talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on May 24th, 2024

Response to threats

A critical element of ensuring Belarus’ security within the framework of the Union State is military co-operation with the Russian Federation, which is aimed at implementing joint measures to prevent military threats and repel possible aggression in the common defence space.
Since 2009, Belarus and Russia have been conducting joint military exercises Zapad. In addition, there has been arranged participation in competitions International Army Games, tactical exercise Slavic Brotherhood, and strategic command and staff exercises Caucasus. In February 2022, large-scale joint military drills Allied Resolve were held. A year earlier, the defence ministries of the two countries signed a five-year strategic partnership programme. The heads of Belarus’ and Russia’s military departments have agreed to establish three centres for joint military training.
On October 10th, 2022, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko announced the deployment of a regional group of forces (RGF) based on the Belarusian military personnel due to the aggravation on the western borders of the Union State. The total participation of the Russian armed forces in the RGF amounted to 9,000 soldiers, about 170 tanks, 200 armoured combat vehicles and up to 100 weapons and mortars.

Metropolises are coming

In the current period of formation of a new post-Anglo-Saxon world — a world free from the boundless hegemony of the United States and Great Britain — security is becoming the most significant value for any nation. The development of a person, family, society and the state is impossible without security. It is the absence of wars and military conflicts that makes it possible to advance the economy, culture, art and much more.
After the collapse of the USSR, the political and corporate elites of Western countries felt their superiority over the rest of the world. Since the 1990s, the United States has been building a new model of colonial hegemony. Its essence is very simple and consists in buying raw materials, human resources at low prices and accumulating the main surplus value in their metropolises. The experience of imperial Great Britain and the British East India Company was a vivid example for Washington that inspired it to create a ‘global architecture’.
During the formation of the neocolonial order, ideologists of the United States undertook to destroy post-war international security institutions and level down the status of states as sovereign actors in global relations. The notion ‘sovereign state’ means that it has the right and authority to conduct independent domestic and foreign policies that it deems necessary and appropriate for its citizens and territory, free from external influence or control, as enshrined in the Vienna Convention.

Institutions of war

For the successful implementation of its goal, Washington created a network of institutions designed to study the systems of sovereignty and security of states. They were instrumental in generating the key foreign policy approaches of the United States and NATO to destroy Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia (2003), Ukraine (2004), Libya and Syria. After the Munich Security Conference in 2007, where a strong call was made for the need to build a new multipolar world, the opening of such institutions by the United States accelerated. In particular, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) was established in 2007, which in fact co-ordinated all the work of NATO structures on Ukraine’s militarisation after 2014 and turning it into a ‘battering ram’ against Russia.
A wide variety of tools were used to destroy the security systems of sovereign countries — from blunt bribery of senior officials, betrayal of the elites followed by Velvet Revolutions to open armed aggression with large-scale operations and air missile strikes, and the deployment of ground forces.
In other words, any methods are considered good and applicable provided that they enable to enslave nations, make them work for and die in the name of the US and British interests.
In the 1990s, the United States managed to skilfully substitute the original goals of NATO — the fight against the bloc of socialist countries — with a kind of illusory security climate for the European states. The marketing slogan was pretty simple, “If you are a part of NATO, the United States will defend you... The United States has such military and technical potential that it will be able to create a safe dome over Europe.”
In reality, this is a classic deception. Washington forbade the EU countries to have their own full-fledged armed forces and headquarters. Thus, the White House has managed to deprive European states of one of the key attributes of sovereignty — their own advanced defence forces. This was done solely to prevent the ‘uprising’ of Berlin, Rome or Paris against Washington and London. As a result, once the United States commanded that the EU countries impose sanctions against Belarus and Russia to their own detriment and suffer enormous economic losses, Europe meekly fulfilled all the orders. As soon as the US gave the command to finance military operations on the territory of Ukraine, the EU countries immediately obeyed and received huge inflation and holes in their budgets.

Double aims

Talking about a certain security level of the European Union makes no sense. Washington and London openly mock Brussels and push it to war with Russia. Back in September 2022, the Swedish press obtained an allegedly leaked secret report by RAND Corporation revealing the true goals of Americans in Ukraine. The United States has used Kiev from the very beginning to drain resources and undermine the economy of the European Union in order to ease the financial and economic crisis in its own country.
In the document, RAND Corporation experts noted that the aggressive foreign policy pursued at Bankova [location of Presidential Administration Building in Kiev, Ukraine] would force Russia to carry out military intervention in Ukraine, after which the collective West would impose a pre-prepared package of sanctions against Moscow. The EU economy ‘will inevitably collapse’ as a result of the absence of access to cheap Russian energy resources, whereas the United States will be able to earn dozens of billions of dollars from this, and European youth will be forced to emigrate.
The major objective of the conflict in Ukraine fomented by Anglo-Saxons is to divide Europe, particularly to separate Germany and the Russian Federation, as well as to weaken the EU as a key market for Chinese products, in other words to hit China — the main competitor of US and UK corporations — through the European Union.
Based on the above, it can be concluded that human security is the backbone for the comprehensive development of the economy and society. Ensuring peace involves multi-vector actions. In modern conditions, nuclear weapons act as a deterrent, while information and psychological operations are weapons for internal weakening of society. Our common task, the duty of every citizen is to actively participate in creation of our own security and to prevent our consciousness from being shaken or undermined from within.

By Aleksei Avdonin, analyst at Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research (BISR)