Posted: 07.08.2023 10:24:00

State Border Committee: refugee from Egypt died after being tortured by Polish security forces

The Polish side continues to maltreat refugees with impunity, pushing beaten and exhausted people into the Belarusian territory. As informed by Belarus’ State Border Committee in its Telegram channel, on morning of August 5th, Polish security forces once again threw two refugees out through an animal gate.

A Syrian citizen said that he and his friend from Egypt were detained by Polish military. The man needed medical assistance, he was extremely exhausted.

Ignoring the critical condition of the Egyptian, the Polish security forces continued to maltreat and beat the men, also taking their belongings and money. They then pepper balled to force the foreigners to pass through the gate. The Syrian managed to carry his friend unconscious for several tens of metres, but the man died.

The Belarusian border guards who arrived at the scene called an ambulance team, which pronounced the refugee dead. The Syrian citizen was provided with the necessary assistance.

The Kamenets District Police Department’s investigative task force began its work in order to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

“The Polish authorities do not stop the policy of genocide against refugees from the East, taking advantage of ‘the blindness and deafness’ of international human rights organisations,” the State Border Committee of Belarus added.