Posted: 25.08.2023 14:48:00

State Border Committee: another refugee became victim of violence by Polish security forces

The migration policy of the Polish authorities, which is based on cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees, continues to mutilate foreigners: according to Belarus’ State Border Committee, Polish security forces beat up a refugee on August 23rd

Photo: screenshot from State Border Committee’s video

It is reported that, on the afternoon of August 23rd, Belarusian border guards found a beaten citizen of Sudan on the border with Poland. The refugee said that he had been detained by people in military uniforms on the territory of Poland. Despite the exhausted condition of the foreigner, Polish security forces beat the man and then forced him into Belarus through a gate in the fence. After the tortures, hematomas remained on the man's body, he could hardly move independently.

A medical team was called to the scene to provide assistance.

The investigative and operational group of the Kamenets District Police Department conducts the necessary procedural actions.