Posted: 16.05.2022 13:05:00

State Authority for Military Industry: Belarus in top-20 arms exporters

Belarus is still in top-20 countries exporting arms and military equipment – as noted by the Chairman of the State Authority for Military Industry of Belarus, Dmitry Pantus, in his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel

Photo: video screenshot

According to him, Belarus has not suspended co-operation with any of the countries with which it interacted earlier.

“Yes, we have to change certain approaches, but in no case we are talking about the suspension of interaction. Of course, many became worried, went for a certain pause and took a wait-and-see attitude. However, Belarus is open for collaboration in this area. And the latest reports of news channels show that our country is still in top-20 countries that export weapons and military equipment,” Mr. Pantus drew attention.

At the same time, the Chairman of the State Authority for Military Industry of Belarus told whether the special military operation of Russia in Ukraine had an impact on the work of his department.

“The experience and analytics of the world arms market, as well as of the military conflicts today enable us to set tasks to improve the performance characteristics of a particular type of weapon,” he explained.