Posted: 24.05.2022 17:28:00

Spring sowing in Belarus exceeds planned figures

Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Ministry has reported on the latest figures of the sowing campaign

109 percent of the planned areas were sown in the Brest Region, 104 – in the Minsk Region, 103 – in the Vitebsk Region, 102 – in the Grodno Region, 94 – in the Gomel Region, and 89 – in the Mogilev Region. Sowing of late crops continues: 20 percent of the planned buckwheat fields and 22 percent of the millet fields are yet to be sowed.

This year, more fields have been allocated for these crops – to fully meet the needs of the country. Buckwheat will cover 33.1 thousand hectares (up from 30.3 thousand in 2021) and millet – 9.5 thousand (instead of 6.9 thousand a year ago).