Posted: 03.11.2022 15:09:00

Six new residents registered at Great Stone

Six new residents have joined the Great Stone Industrial Park. In addition, a new facility to produce glasses for different types of transport has been launched. The Head of the Park’s Administration, Aleksandr Yaroshenko, informed at today’s solemn ceremony that the project already unites 99 participants.

“This is a significant day on the eve of November 7th [October Revolution Day]. Six projects from China and Belarus have joined our park at once, and we have come close to our target of 100 residents. There are 99 of them now, but not their number matters actually: their quality and promising possibilities are of major importance. The projects that have joined today are innovative and high-tech,” Mr. Yaroshenko said.

According to the official, the total amount of investments planned to be injected by these six projects is about $60m, and 140+ jobs are expected to be created. “Importantly, these projects will develop new technologies, import-substituting production in the field of biotechnology and unmanned vehicles. Such projects are proposed by our Chinese partners. In turn, the Belarusian founders also have their own innovative ideas, including production of goods that the park needs. Clustering of manufacturers – who can use each other’s services and production facilities – is beginning to be formed as well,” he added.

Mr. Yaroshenko noted that, based on the residents’ plans, exports are now mainly directed to the Eurasian space. “In general, projects that export more than 70 percent of their products come here. The Asian market is also starting to be in demand here. At the same time, some companies still run projects aimed at working with the European Union. Business does not remove the task of interaction in all directions,” he said.