Posted: 04.08.2022 15:22:00

Sergeyenko: harvesting success rooted in technical readiness and agrarians’ positive thinking

The main task of agricultural workers these days is to ensure harvesting on time and avoid losses. As noted by the Head of the Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko – who paid a working visit to the Bobruisk District today, farmers have thoroughly approached the harvesting campaign.

“The machinery and grain drying complexes are fully ready, and the weather is favourable. If some kind of breakdown happens, everything necessary for repair is available: it can be conducted in the field or at a farm’s workshop. I visited two farms – Gigant and Mikhalevskaya Niva – and talked to their heads, specialists and machine operators to get convinced that people think positively and enjoy decent working conditions. Workers are provided with two meals a day: lunch and dinner. Their salary is also worthy: people can earn up to Br200 a day. The tasks – set by the Head of State at last week’s conference – should be implemented. The mission is responsible: not only to ensure a high quality of the harvesting campaign, but also to provide our citizens with a strategic food as much as possible. The success is rooted in technical readiness and farmers’ attitude, understanding of the importance of their contribution to the overall harvest. We have all this,” Mr. Sergeyenko stressed. “About a third of all grain has been harvested by now in the Bobruisk District, and the yield exceeds 30 quintals per hectare – more than in 2021.”