Posted: 27.01.2023 16:39:00

Scientists: video gamers demonstrate excellent decision-making skills

A recent study indicates that ardent video gamers demonstrate superior sensorimotor decision-making skills and increased activity in key brain areas compared to those who do not play games – as concluded by scientists from the University of Georgia, Medical Xpress reports


In the study, scientists used magnetic resonance imaging for 47 participants (28 gamers and 19 non-gamers). The experiment participants had to react to the direction of movement of the points they saw and to press or not press the button if those points did not move.

The analysis of the obtained images showed that video game lovers reacted faster and more accurately, and increased activity in certain parts of the brain was registered. Scientists also concluded that video games can be a useful tool for teaching perceptual decision-making.

"Video games improve the ability to understand and use information, develop nonverbal thinking and visual perception, and also contribute to improving decision–making skills," the researchers reported.