Posted: 21.06.2023 15:08:00

Russian Transport Ministry supported the idea of building high-speed railway line from Russia to Minsk

The Head of the Russian Ministry of Transport, Vitaly Saveliev, supported the idea of building a high-speed railway line from Russia to Minsk – as reported by RIA Novosti


The issue of building a high-speed railway line to Minsk was raised at a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

Head of the Russian Transport Ministry Vitaly Saveliev recalled that, “In Russia, it’s planned to build a Moscow-St. Petersburg high-speed railway line. Further on we may see the second part of the road: to Minsk. Let’s just think it over together, let’s see how much it will cost and what it will give us.”

High-speed is considered a specialised electrified double-track railway line for the operation of trains with speeds from 200km to 400km per hour. There are currently no such roads in Russia. The pilot project should be the high-speed railway line from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Trains between cities will cover the route in more than 2 hours. The timing of the start of construction and the volume of investments in it are periodically adjusted and changed. Russian Deputy Transport Minister Valentin Ivanov called the last of the estimates at the level of 1.7 trillion Russian Roubles.