Posted: 20.05.2024 13:21:00

Russian governor: Magadan business very patriotic about co-operation with Belarus

The companies of Russia’s Magadan Region are very patriotic about co-operation with Belarus – as stated by Magadan Region Governor Sergei Nosov during today’s meeting with President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko


He thanked the Belarusian leader for the invitation to visit Belarus, underlining that it is very precious for him personally to hear from the President about the fraternal relations between our countries and nations. Sergei Nosov said that at one time his aunt lived and worked in Minsk, but then returned to the Urals.

“Anyway, good memories of people remained and were transferred to me through family channels,” the Russian governor said.

As far as co-operation between Belarus and the Russian region is concerned, it is really insufficient today, taking into account the opportunities that the Belarusian industry and the entire economy of Belarus have. According to Sergei Nosov, the mining industry of the Magadan Region has been focused on Japan and the Pacific region for a long time, while local companies – in addition to purchasing Japanese and US heavy-duty dump trucks – received certificates and licenses from Komatsu Corporation for the repair of almost the entire line of Japanese and not only Japanese equipment.

“Now there have been serious changes, forcing our industrialists to look for an alternative. Our business believes that time has come to show fraternal relations and fraternal support in everything. Our companies are very patriotic about co-operation with Belarus,” Mr. Nosov said.