Posted: 05.12.2023 09:51:00

Russian FM reported BRICS would finalise modalities of new category of partner states in 2024

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that BRICS, during Russia’s presidency in 2024, will finalise the modalities of a new category states, particularly the association’s partners, TASS reports


It is noted that the Russian delegation made a detailed presentation of the association’s work plans for 2024. In accordance with the decision of the Johannesburg summit, close attention during the Russian presidency will be focused on efforts to integrate the new BRICS members into the architecture of multilateral co-operation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also stated that an important area of work for the Russian presidency will be the comprehensive implementation of the BRICS economic partnership strategy until 2025 and plan of action on innovative co-operation for 2021-2024. Moreover, the focus will be made on efforts to increase BRICS’ role in the international currency and financial system, on co-operation in fighting terrorism and on developing international information security.