Posted: 22.02.2024 10:18:00

Revenko: Belarus shifted focus of military co-operation from Europe to other regions

Twenty-eight representatives of the military and diplomatic corps accredited to the Defence Ministry got acquainted with topical issues of military policy, construction and development of the Armed Forces of Belarus at an annual briefing in Minsk, and the Chief of the International Military Co-operation Department – Assistant to the Defence Minister for Foreign Military Policy, Valery Revenko, drew their attention to the draft updated Military Doctrine of Belarus

“Within the framework of this doctrine, we have clearly defined that no state, no people are our opponents or enemies. Belarus attaches special importance to military diplomacy. The foreign policy trends of recent years have pushed our country to develop ties with partners who share an interest in building a common security space and a conviction in the need for an equal, non-politicised dialogue in the military sphere. By continuing to deepen and expand our liaisons with the Russian Federation, the CSTO, the CIS and the People's Republic of China, we have shifted the focus of military co-operation from Europe to other regions and international organisations,” Mr. Revenko said.

At the moment, Belarus is focused on the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are interested in military co-operation aimed at ensuring national and international security. Mr. Revenko explained, “This is a rather difficult path, given the little previous experience in working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. However, it is worth noting that the states of these regions have responded to our proposals, and many countries have come up with their own initiatives to develop co-operation with Belarus. The Defence Minister has already paid visits to India, China, Russia and Iran, and recently visited Cuba. We have many friends and partners, we have good agreements, and we know where to go.”

Belarus has chosen the way forward and no longer intends to wait for the moment when its former partners recognise the need to return to negotiations. “We have been persistently trying to return the dialogue with Western countries to a constructive course for several years, and specific proposals were made to resume full-fledged contacts – especially in the areas that are of particular importance in ensuring the security of all European states. Foreign military diplomats who have worked and continue working in Belarus can confirm that we treat absolutely all the states they represent and them personally with equal attention and respect,” Mr. Revenko said.

The Defence Ministry representative clarified that any restrictions on participation in events for the military and diplomatic corps were forced mirror measures and were introduced only after repeated cases of discriminatory attitude towards the Belarusian military diplomats, “We intend to adhere to this principle in the future. For our part, we have done more than enough to demonstrate our full readiness for constructive co-operation, primarily on arms control issues. However, co-operation is at least a bilateral issue. We no longer want to constantly invite the West to contact us to reduce threats to military security. We have just set the door ajar: if they need to, let them come, we will talk.”