Posted: 20.03.2023 10:02:00

Requiem rally held at Belarus’ Ozarichi memorial

March 19th celebrated the 79th anniversary of the liberation of prisoners of the concentration camp in Ozarichi, in the Kalinkovichi District. The camp, created by fascists to exterminate people, existed for only ten days in 1944, but the occupiers’ genocide aimed at the destruction of civilians and Red Army soldiers was horrifying.

More than 50 thousand prisoners got into the camp, and more than 20 thousand died. Fascists used bacteriological weapons here, infecting people with typhus. Surviving eyewitnesses said that a plane dropped the infection from above. The Red Army soldiers who entered the camp saw a terrible scene: thousands of emaciated and exhausted prisoners were tossing about in typhoid delirium. Germans panned they would infect the liberators, and thus inflict damage on them. Indeed, many soldiers and officers were infected and died, but such an infection, which the Nazis hoped for, did not happen. It was prevented.

On the 79th anniversary of the liberation, local residents, representatives of labour teams, authorities, clergy, the elderly and the youth gathered at the memorial. There were also eyewitnesses of the terrible genocide. They honoured the memory of those killed, laid flowers and wreaths. Children's toys were brought to the swampy shore, because there were many children among the prisoners. The participants of the rally were unanimous that such a situation should not happen again.

The death camp in Ozarichi is one of the most terrible places of extermination of people created by fascists.