Posted: 24.05.2024 15:24:00

Putin: Belarus stands ground firmly, its economy is developing

The results of the economic development of the Union State speak for themselves – as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during talks with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko in a narrow format


Vladimir Putin thanked his Belarusian counterpart for the invitation and added that the leaders of the two countries are in constant touch, “We have the opportunity to assess what has been done, what is happening now, and what should be done in the near future, to outline concrete joint steps for our movement forward, the joint development of the Union State.”

The President of Russia also proposed to assess what has been done in the Union State over 25 years, “In general, the work is going on at a good level, if speaking about the economy. The results of economic development speak for themselves. I want to congratulate you on this, Belarus stands ground firmly, its economy is developing.”

Vladimir Putin also shared his impressions of Minsk, “The city is in a very good condition, it is beautiful! The weather is good today. The atmosphere of a holiday is reigning. Thanks again for the invitation. Yesterday, my colleagues and I met before my visit here. In general, in my opinion, there are no unresolved issues. If something needs to be further agreed upon, we will certainly do it today during the negotiations.”