Posted: 22.12.2022 17:31:00

President's instruction translated into reality: first Belarusian laptop joined the market

Belarus-made Horizont laptops have gone on sale in Belarus – on the second day after the start of their mass production, BelTA reports

A solemn ceremony of the start of sales has taken place on December 22nd, at Minsk’s Galleria Shopping Mall. The Belarusian product immediately captured the attention of all those present. Anyone can now look at the new Belarusian laptop, get professional advice from Horizont specialists and purchase a device.

"The creation of a Belarusian laptop was the President’s instruction, and it has been carried out in full. Minsk congratulates the Horizont enterprise on the start of mass production of its new product. This is very important, this is import substitution. We have extensive plans related to [laptop] sales on the Russian market and, of course, in Belarus. Minsk supports all the enterprises that are demonstrating development,” Nadezhda Lazarevich, the Deputy Chairperson of the Minsk City Executive Committee, noted.

As informed by Yuri Predko, the General Director of Horizont Holding Management Company JSC, the first Belarusian laptop is entering the market in the H-book MAK4 model. He stressed that the domestic development had been created on the basis of advanced experience and technology, so it is comparable to famous brands in terms of quality and productive capability.

"The H-book MAK4 hardware basis has been developed on Intel Core processors of the 11th generation, ensuring uninterrupted operation and high performance both in office and at home, and when performing tasks of high system load, while maintaining exceptional autonomy," Mr. Predko added.

The CEO noted that a large team of designers, engineers, developers, circuit engineers, programmers, production workers and marketers with international experience joined their efforts to create the Belarusian laptop.

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, presented the first domestic laptop on September 1st, 2022, during an open lesson.