Posted: 15.12.2023 12:48:00

Pope urges to bind international treaty to regulate AI

Pope Francis has called for a legally binding international treaty to regulate artificial intelligence, adding that algorithms should not be allowed to replace human values and warning that the new technology risks causing a ‘technological dictatorship’ that would threaten human existence, Reuters reports


Francis made this appeal on December 14th, in a message for the World Day of Peace, celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church on January 1st. It is traditionally sent to world leaders and heads of organisations such as the United Nations. This year’s message was entitled Artificial Intelligence and the World.

According to the publication, it happened at the moment when governments around the world are struggling to balance the benefits of technology that can conduct human conversations, answer questions and write computer code, with the need to put up protective barriers against it.

“The global reach of artificial intelligence shows that, as well as the responsibility of sovereign states to regulate its use domestically, international organisations can play a critical role in reaching multilateral agreements and co-ordinating their application and implementation. I call on the global community of nations to work together to adopt a binding international treaty regulating the development and use of AI in its many forms,” the Pope said.