Posted: 18.09.2023 13:56:00

Poll shows 57% of Czechs believe economic situation in the country is bad

The published results of the study conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) show that almost two-thirds of respondents consider the economic situation in the Czech Republic to be ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’, RIA Novosti reports


The news agency commented, “16 percent of its residents called the economic situation in the republic ‘very bad’ another 41 percent consider it ‘bad’. At the same time, 1 percent of Czechs believe that the situation is ‘very good’, and 15 percent evaluate it as ‘good’. About 25 percent of citizens view it as ‘neither good nor bad’.”

It is also noted that residents of the country rate their standard of living much higher than the level of the Czech economy.

The study was conducted by the CIOM agency from May 16th to July 24th this year, and involved 929 people of different ages, religions, educational levels, professional and social status, living in large and small settlements across the country.