Poll shows trust in Lithuanian PM falls to record low

... data from a public opinion poll conducted last month by Baltijos ...

Lithuania , poll , political trust , rating

Poll: 57% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance

... the latest national NBC News poll, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... previous ones. The NBC News poll was conducted from November 10th ...

poll , US , Biden

Poll shows 57% of Czechs believe economic situation in the country is bad

The published results of the study conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) show that almost two-thirds of respondents consider the economic situation in the Czech Republic to be ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The news agency commented, “16 percent of its residents called the economic situation in the republic ‘very bad’ another 41 percent consider it ‘bad’. At the same time, 1 percent of Czechs believe that the situation is ‘very good’, and ...

Poll , Czech Republic

Poll: almost 50% of young Belarusians believe career growth is equally important for men and women

... of a recently held nationwide poll “Identification of gender stereotypes in ... by Ms. Solovei, a nationwide poll conducted in April 2023 concluded ...

poll , sociology , career , Youth , Belarus

Poll: health, family and love are main values for Belarusian youth

... of a recently held nationwide poll “Young people represent the most ... the results of a nationwide poll conducted in April 2023, health ...

poll , belarus , youth , opinion

Poll: more than half of Moldovans believe the country moving in wrong direction

Over 50 percent of Moldovans believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction – according to the results of a sociological survey conducted by CBS AXA by order of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com According to the study, 53.1 percent of respondents believe that the country’s authorities have chosen the wrong direction for development. Only 35.7 percent of respondents do not share this point of view while another 11.2 percent of ...

Moldova , poll

Poll: emblem, flag and anthem are main national symbols of Belarusian people

... ’ Sociology Institute, BelTA reports The poll was conducted by the Sociology ... August-September 2022. State symbols play an important role for any ... ensuring continuity and consolidation. The poll results showed that two thirds ... country, its history and culture play a key role in shaping ...

poll , state symbols , belarus

Poll: more than half of Moldovans surveyed are against the country's NATO membership

A poll – conducted by SBS-Research Centre ... .reuters.com According to the poll results, 34.6 percent of ...

poll , moldova , nato

Poll: Belarus’ priorities are traditional values

... Creation, and – according to the poll – it organically meets people’s ...

national academy of sciences , poll , belarusians , sociology

Almost 50% of Europeans okay with Ukraine losing part of its territory for the sake of peace

Nearly half of the respondents in the European Union are in favour of an early peace in Ukraine, even if Kiev has to sacrifice some of its territory to Russia – as follows from a survey conducted by the European opinion polling network Euroskopia across Austria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and France, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters.com According to the EFE agency, 48 percent of respondents were in favour of a quick end to the conflict, even if Ukraine has ...

EU , Poll , Ukraine

Poll: Belarus’ policy is socially oriented

... percent,” Mr. Myslivets said. The poll results confirm that the country ... on. “The results of the poll are actually our citizens’ assessments ...

poll , Belarus , sociology , policy

Sociology Institute poll results shed light on what unites Belarusians

... events in Belarusians’ history.” The poll also tackled life priorities, and ...

sociology , poll , national unity day

Poll: over 50% of Zaporozhye and Kherson residents in favour of joining Russia

... in the Kherson Region. The poll addressed 1,000 people in ...

poll , kherson , zaporozhye

Most Europeans against new anti-Russian sanctions

... standard of living – as a poll conducted by YouGov indicates, RIA ...

europe , russia , poll

90.9% of Belarusians proud to be citizens of their country

More than 90 percent of Belarusians are proud to be citizens of their country – as Associate Professor Nikolai Myslivets, Director of the Sociology Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, told the sb.by portal He added that 86.6 percent of respondents noted that they consider themselves patriots of Belarus. “This is testified by the results of a telephone survey conducted by the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of ...

Belarus , poll

Over 70% of Belarusians view Victory Day as most significant holiday

More than 70 percent of Belarusians consider Victory Day to be the most significant holiday for themselves – as Associate Professor Nikolai Myslivets, Director of the Sociology Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, told the sb.by portal He noted that this opinion is fully shared by representatives of the older age groups, as well as the youngest part of the country’s citizens, “Among young people under 25, this answer is chosen by ...

Victory Day , holiday , poll , research

Opinion poll results presented

Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) presented results of the Generation Z: Attitudes and Values of Modern Belarusian Youth sociological study The social research – initiated by BISS – was conducted by the Centre for Social and Humanitarian Studies of the Belarusian State Economic University. More than 2,000 students aged 14-17 from different cities of the country were questioned. Nikolai Sukhotsky, the Chief Adviser of the BISS Internal Policy Department, commented on some of the ...

poll , strategic research , youth

Where does the Motherland begin?

... , commenting on the data. “The poll also showed the important role ...

Belarus , poll , Motherland

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