Posted: 16.11.2023 14:03:00

Politico: Germany suggests UN take control in Gaza after Israel-Hamas conflict ends

Germany has put forward a proposal to transfer control of the Gaza Strip to the UN once the Israel-Hamas war is over, TASS reports


Information about Germany’s proposal was published by Politico with reference to the document.

According to the document, Germany said the UN could take control of the Gaza Strip at the end of the conflict. This is one of five scenarios proposed by Germany. It envisions an ‘internationalisation of Gaza under the umbrella of the United Nations (and regional partners)’ with ‘a carefully organised transition’ toward Palestinian self-administration, ‘ideally’ through elections ‘and in combination with an international coalition that provides necessary security’.

However, the German side warns that ‘this scenario would require significant investment of political capital and financing, as well as an international coalition to engage on security issues alongside the UN’.

As some diplomats told Politico, Germany’s proposal remains unsupported for now. One of them even described the document ‘stillborn’, the publication reports.