Posted: 28.02.2024 18:05:11

Polish President: issue of WWII reparations from Germany not closed

The issue of Poland receiving reparations from Germany for damage caused during World War II has not yet been closed – as stated by Polish President Andrzej Duda, RIA Novosti reports


Earlier, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski noted that the issue of receiving reparations from Germany was closed.

“The issue of reparations has not been resolved, it is not closed, and from the financial side, it is at least controversial,” Andrzej Duda stated.

According to the Polish President, even if they try to ‘sweep this topic under the carpet and bury it’, since it may be inconvenient, the time will come for it.

“There is no family in Poland in which someone would not have died during World War II. There are families that were completely destroyed, including children. There is a tragic balance of losses. And these losses must be compensated,” the Polish leader added.