Posted: 01.06.2023 10:00:00

Opinion: deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus means peace, not war

The only way to avoid war is to be strong, and – as noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with the First Channel of Belarusian Radio – weapons are stationed so that not a single foreign soldier sets his foot on the holy Belarusian land

Speaking about the reaction of some countries to the decision to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus, the MP noted, “You should better go around Europe and demand that NATO weapons be removed from there. Everything Belarus is doing is a response to the actions of Western countries and the North Atlantic Alliance. We would not have any tactical nuclear weapons if they were not deployed against us on the territory of Europe. There would not have been such an escalation of the conflict if we had not been threatened and if not so many military contingents had been stationed on the border with Poland. Why is no one outraged that Lithuania wants to store nuclear waste on the border with Belarus? Why is no one outraged that Poles demand that America immediately hand over nuclear weapons to them? Why are you not outraged that the United States has agreed with South Korea, most likely, also on the deployment of nuclear weapons there? Meanwhile, tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus mean peace, not war. We understand perfectly well that the West cannot be trusted, that all their promises that they will not attack or pose a threat are a fairy tale. The only way to avoid war is to be strong, so weapons are stationed so that no foreign soldier will ever set his foot on the holy Belarusian land.”