Posted: 02.12.2022 13:01:00

Opinion: Belarus’ President deeply feels and understands all threats

In his messages at the recent summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation in Armenia, Aleksandr Lukashenko – who has a keen sense of what is happening in the world right now – outlined many very important points, and Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, shared his views on the issue

In his talk with Alfa Radio, Mr. Avdonin stressed that the President deeply feels and understands all threats. “Belarus’ geopolitical and historical location is such that the country is on the very verge of a collision with Western civilisation. These borders are passing close to us. The Head of State understands that if the collective West manages to sow turmoil and discord amidst the CSTO countries, then an economic, political and social seizure of us – primarily, Belarus – will follow. The President clearly realises this, and he is calling for unity and levelling of any disagreements between the CSTO member states,” the expert noted.

“The initiatives – voiced by Aleksandr Lukashenko at the summit in Yerevan – concerned strengthening the work of analytical structures, among other aspects. We should correctly analyse the activities of our opponents, predict their future action, prevent them from realising their interests on the territory of the CSTO countries and interdict their work. This can be done by special services of the CSTO countries, through strengthening the interaction between their armed forces and intelligence community. We will get stronger by doing this, and we will definitely not be perceived as a formal institution. It is necessary to raise the CSTO status at the international level in co-operation with international structures. This task is difficult, since there are forces that are not interested in it. Actually, no other solution is possible: we can ensure the security of ourselves and our peoples only through development,” Mr. Avdonin concluded.