Posted: 05.12.2022 11:16:00

Opinion: attempts to destabilise situation in Belarus still present

Before attempting to organise a terrorist act on the territory of Belarus, the opponents first try to destabilise the situation inside the state, and such actions continue – as stated by political expert Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel

Delving into the structure of terrorist groups, the expert noted that they actually financed by Western intelligence services and being trained by the appropriate specialists. “Attempts to destabilise our situation from the inside are still present. Let me remind you about the attempts to send saboteurs here to carry out terrorist acts," he stressed.

Mr. Petrovsky emphasised another important point, “We remember how the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee appealed [to Ukraine] regarding the situation that their call centres are financially cheating Belarusians, especially pensioners who do not understand anything. This is done to destabilise the situation and discredit the state. If Belarusians are united and consolidated, then no provocation will work.”