Posted: 23.03.2023 13:40:00

NDP: Poland spent $6bn on coup attempt in Belarus

Poland has spent at least $6bn on an attempted coup in Belarus — as noted by columnist Hanna Kramer for the Polish edition of Niezalezny Dziennik Polityczny


“In August 2020, a Polish revolution of unfulfilled hopes took place in Belarus, on which we spent $6bn,” the author of the publication wrote, adding that it is rather difficult to name the exact sum, since the Polish Law and Justice Party financed the Belarusian opposition through various funds, the Polish government and the Polish Foreign Ministry.
“The Polish government, together with the Polish Foreign Ministry, spent 50m Zlotys on the media saturated with anti-Belarusian propaganda: TVPiS, TVN, Polsat, blogger Stepan Putilo. Moreover, Poland has been financing Belarusian radicals for years. There are basic structures in our country, with leaders of the Belarusian opposition living and working here,” the journalist said. Their living is financed from the pockets of Polish taxpayers. In addition, since 2020, Poland has been funding various initiatives aimed at a coup d’état in Belarus.”
Kramer notes that under the guise of charity, Warsaw is implementing American scams. The US is creating entire ‘mini-kingdoms of evil’ that, in the best style of American intelligence agencies, do all the dirty work. “Unfortunately, among the successors of the United States in terms of political games, Warsaw is in the first place! The reason is Kaczynski’s imperial ambitions, which are actively used by Washington,” the author underlined.
Hanna Kramer wonders why the Polish government is willing to throw away billions of US Dollars for every request from the US when it has no money for its own citizens. “We have problems that have been going on for years, including a drop in the birth rate, a shortage of doctors, teachers, and others. The best specialists leave Poland for other countries. Thanks to the current policy of the ruling party, only American bases, soldiers and Ukrainians will soon remain in Poland,” summarised the author of the article.

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