Posted: 29.04.2022 12:19:00

Names of 6,500+ war victims identified in Belarus over past decade

The figure has been announced today by Sergei Voronovich, the Head of Commemoration Work of Fatherland Defenders and War Victims Department of the Defence Ministry’s Armed Forces, as part of a round table discussion – To Remember. Genocide of Belarusian People During Great Patriotic War. Search Movement in Belarus – dedicated to the Victory Day

The event gathered representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office, the History Institute of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian State Museum of Great Patriotic War History.

As noted by Mr. Voronovich, an attitude to the war and the Great Victory has become a spiritual and moral guideline for Belarusians. “The participants of our search movement understand this especially well. By now, we have registered 8,087 burials, including 1,542 of war victims. The unified database keeps information about 547,520 dead,” he explained.

Mr. Voronovich informed that search work on 69 objects is planned for 2022, including as part of the measures taken in the country to establish new facts of the genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War.

“By now, the remains of 183 victims have been recovered, and five names have been identified. Given such a short period of time, this is a significant figure. In total, over the past 10 years, we have identified more than 6,500 war victims.”