Posted: 11.01.2024 17:29:00

Myasnikovich: only Belarus has positive trade balance with Russia among EAEU members

Of all the states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Belarus liaises most actively with the Russian Federation, and only our country boasts a positive balance in trade with Russia, Chairman of the EEC Board Mikhail Myasnikovich told at the opening of the Brest Region Days at VDNKh in Moscow

Representatives of many companies are present at VDNKh in the Russian capital. These do not only demonstrate their goods for guests of the Belarusian pavilion, but also actively sell them in Russia. Mikhail Myasnikovich cited the most active trade relations between Belarus and Russia as an example for other EAEU member states.

“It’s expected that Belarus’ trade surplus with Russia will exceed $2bn in 2023. Other EAEU members trade less actively. I cite this fact as an example because it is no coincidence that Belarus is present at VDNKh; our country is Russia’s reliable and stable partner. Representatives of Russian regions who are here can confirm this, because Belarusian goods are present everywhere, being competitive and of high quality,” the Chairman of the EEC Board stressed.

He noted that in terms of increasing labour productivity, the Brest Region – the days of which kicked off at VDNKh in Moscow – is also an example for the entire EAEU, “For example, milk production per capita in the Brest Region is six times higher than on average in the EAEU while meat production is five times higher per capita. Brands such as Santa Bremor, Savushkin Produkt, and Gefest are already brands throughout Belarus,” concluded Mikhail Myasnikovich.