Posted: 20.05.2024 15:44:00

MP: extremist-minded Western radicals will continue to support globalist agenda

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has condemned the recent assassination attempt on the Slovak Prime Minister, expressing wishes for his speedy recovery. In its statement, the Belarusian side stressed that acts of assault and violence against politicians and officials, whatever their goals, should not be allowed in the 21st century. Oleg Gaidukevich, the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs at Belarus’ House of Representatives, shared his view on the issue.

“Think of Hussein, Gaddafi, Yugoslavia, the Middle East, and Europe as a whole: countries and millions of their citizens are being destroyed for a strive for independence. Gaddafi said that Libya would move away from the Dollar, and the country and its leader were destroyed. The same was done towards Hussein and Iraq. It is the turn of the Slovak Prime Minister now, and this situation is developing in Europe, which is promoting democracy and human rights. There are statements that it [assassination attempt] was a coincidence, and that the detainee is mad – but this is not true. The West is getting rid of those with different views, saying they are just madmen. The criminal was a member of a pro-Western party, and he had been probably well brainwashed. Moreover, a politician who defends national positions and openly opposes the war in Ukraine was attacked. Accordingly, it is not surprising: this is not the first and not the last attempt, as extremist-minded Western radicals will continue to defend their globalist agenda. Politicians such as Slovak Prime Minister Fico, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, and other leaders of national parties who defend the truth should be more carefully guarded, because Western extremists will not stop there," Mr. Gaidukevich stressed.