Posted: 15.06.2023 16:44:00

Moldova, Romania signed defence co-operation plan

The Moldovan and Romanian authorities have signed a defence co-operation plan for 2023 as part of the eighth meeting of the joint Moldovan-Romanian military commission in Targu-Mures, RIA Novosti reports


According to Moldova’s Defence Ministry, the commission discussed such topics as modernisation of the defence institute, promotion of international peace and security, education, military training, political studies of defence and military history, as well as improving interoperability in the framework of joint activities and international peacekeeping missions.

Earlier, a contingent of the Moldovan National Army was sent to Romania to participate in the Saber Guardian 2023 (SG23) manoeuvres under the auspices of the US Ground Forces in Europe (USAREUR). The drills lasted from May 29th to June 9th simultaneously at military training grounds in the Romanian counties of Constanta, Ialomita, Brasov, Galati, Braila, and Tulcea.