Posted: 23.04.2024 16:06:00

Minister: Belarusian rescuers ready to help in case of possible incidents in neighbouring countries

Belarusian rescuers are ready to respond to possible incidents in neighbouring countries – as stated by the Minister of Emergency Situations, Vadim Sinyavsky, in his talk with the STV channel, reports

“Firstly, we are monitoring the situation [at the Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania] and the radiation level there,” Mr. Sinyavsky said, adding that all statements by the Lithuanian authorities and politicking regarding the Belarusian nuclear power station are being brought to naught by the conclusions of specialists, experts who talk about the safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. “It works, generates electricity and ensures the security of our state. Meanwhile, theirs stands idle, though it probably could have worked once. Such statements are probably made because of this. We have not broken ties; not our leadership, nor ordinary citizens initiated that. It was the Lithuanian elite. We are fulfilling our task – ensuring the safety of our people, and we are always ready to respond properly to all this with other government and law enforcement agencies, as well as special services.”

Mr. Sinyavsky said that, in case of an emergency in neighbouring countries, Belarusian rescuers are ready to help, as they did before. He recalled the extinguishing of fires in Latvia. “We rendered assistance in Greece, we constantly help with the fire extinguishing in Tutkiye. Our detachment’s help in settling the earthquake-related situation in Turkiye was also a gesture of goodwill of the state. This is the readiness of our rescue department, this is the political will of the President – no matter what, to respond properly and provide assistance," he noted.

Mr. Sinyavsky also informed on the termination of co-operation with Ukrainian rescue agencies, since this country broke off bilateral liaisons. “We understand why this is happening. Sooner or later, everything will return to normal, and we will co-operate professionally – as it was before. However, in order to ensure the safety of our territory, we are conducting a set of measures – both ground-based and space monitoring – to prevent primarily the spread of fires from the Ukrainian territory to the Republic of Belarus. We are actually succeeding,” he concluded.