Posted: 18.12.2023 16:43:00

Medvedev: no one will manage to bend Russia to their will

No one has been able to conquer and subjugate Russia to their will for many centuries, and it will not work at present as well – as noted by the Chairman of the United Russia party, Dmitry Medvedev, TASS reports


Mr. Medvedev made a statement during the party’s 21st congress. “In the course of the special military operation, we are fighting against a dangerous, cynical and cruel enemy for whom the norms of international law, the moral foundations of human society, the principles of good neighbourliness mean nothing – as it was 80 years ago, during the Great Patriotic War. Our opponents have poorly learned the lessons of the thousand-year-long history. They are now demonstrating their impotence and are facing a defeat. It is not surprising. For many centuries, no one has been able to bend us to their will. It will not work now either," he stressed.

Mr. Medvedev also believes that cohesion and unity of the Russian people have become a response to the actions of Russia's opponents aimed at making the country weaker.