Posted: 28.03.2024 13:43:00

Macron said he would support Brazil in creating nuclear submarines

French President Emmanuel Macron, during a visit to the naval complex in Brazil, where diesel-electric submarines of French design are being built, said that France will stand alongside Brazil in the creation of nuclear submarines, without violating the requirements for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, TASS reports


Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that France would ‘open a chapter for new submarines’, adding that the country is now moving towards nuclear power units, observing the most stringent requirements on the issue of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. He stressed that ‘France will be at Brazil’s side’ on this issue.

French-designed submarines with a diesel-electric propulsion system are produced in Brazil. As AFP previously reported, a co-operation agreement between the two countries was signed in 2008 by Brazilian President Lula da Silva and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy.