Posted: 19.08.2022 15:12:00

Lukashenko: we’ll start bottling Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 in near future

There is a sufficient amount of means of protection against COVID-19 in Belarus, so you should not worry about this disease. Moreover, the virus, as predicted, has become a seasonal phenomenon – as stated today by the President of Belarus, answering the question of Yelena Davydik, zootechnician-breeder at Zhuravlinoe JSC.


The Belarusian Head of State told the villagers that he himself had been ill twice with this virus. The disease also affected his dear people. At the same time, the President recalls that he personally visited about twenty infectious diseases departments in Belarusian hospitals.

Aleksandr Lukashenko is sure that those who lead a normal, healthy lifestyle do not need to be afraid of this disease.

“Who wants to live longer should monitor their health!” the Head of State emphasised.

He urged not to worry about the availability of means of preventing the disease, “We bought masks and protective equipment back in those days. The Chines supplied us free of charge. The minister asked me six months ago: what to do with this? I say: let it lie, it will come in handy. We have enough of everything. In the near future, we will start bottling our vaccine. For God’s sake, we will inject everyone who needs it.”

The President urged not to bother too much on this issue, as the media will again whip up hysteria, as manufacturers of protective equipment earn hundreds of trillions of US Dollars on this.

Now the coronavirus is being recorded in the country, but mostly treatment is carried out at home.

“It is already becoming seasonal [disease], just as we expected,” the Head of State said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged citizens to get vaccinated if they want. But the main thing is to eat properly and to spend more time in the fresh air.”