Posted: 10.07.2022 15:30:00

Lukashenko, together with cosmonaut Novitsky, plunged into Trofimova Krinitsa spring well

Belarus-born Oleg Novitsky, Hero of Russia, visited the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky was invited by the Belarusian leader to the festival in Alexandria, and today – to visit his home, his small homeland – as reported by the Pul Pervogo Telegram channel.

“The President showed him his mother’s house where he grew up. Then they plunged together into the Trofimova Krinitsa spring well, and afterwards the President cooked his ‘Molodost. Anti-COVID’ salad,” the channel said in a message.

The day before, Oleg Novitsky visited the Kupala Night Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends) and shared his impressions with journalists, “This is my first time in Alexandria. I really enjoy it. To be honest, I haven’t checked my photos from space, but I hope this piece of land got there. It should still be published somehow. The atmosphere here is very wonderful. The motto ‘Alexandria Gathers Friends’ is worth it. People of very good character who need peace, simple normal work and simple human joys have gathered here. The opportunity to feel calm oneself is worth a lot.”

The cosmonaut was paid attention that the Dnieper River unites several peoples and several republics, which adds flavour to the festival.

“I completely agree,” assured the cosmonaut. “I hope that those people who have preserved normal consciousness will understand that it is not the river that should unite us, but this should be our relations, our centuries-old friendship. We must remember our roots.”

Oleg Novitsky underlined that Alexandria is also the President’s small homeland, “I am very honoured to be here. I’m very happy and I am overwhelmed with feelings.”