Posted: 02.06.2023 16:09:00

Lukashenko signed executive order to improve healthcare system efficiency

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, signed an order On Improving the Efficiency of the Healthcare System – as reported by the Belarusian leader’s press service

Based on the results of the meeting held on May 23rd, 2023, the Belarusian Head of State gave specific instructions to restore order in healthcare facilities at all levels and create conditions for the provision of quality medical care to the population. Meanwhile, special attention should be paid to rural residents.

Chairs of local authorities are personally responsible for the sanitary and technical condition of buildings and structures of healthcare institutions.

The Healthcare Ministry was instructed to revise the regulatory legal acts regulating medical and pharmaceutical activities, as well as the provision of paid medical services, taking into account law enforcement practice.

In particular, it’s necessary to adjust the procedure for medical checkup of the population and reduce the waiting time for high-tech surgical interventions and diagnostic studies.

It was instructed to take additional measures to address the shortage of doctors, the most acute shortage of whom is observed in rural areas, to improve the quality of their training and secure them in the workplace. The procedure for calculating medical workers’ salaries will be revised with an increase in the share of the fixed official salary.

Instructions were also given to ensure the development of new medicines in demand, increase production volumes and expand the range of domestically-manufactured medicines, as well as improve the management system of the pharmaceutical industry.

The interdepartmental working group established by the President will continue the inspection of the healthcare system by the end of the year, including monitoring the solution of identified problematic issues.

Reports on the results of the work done will be presented to the Head of State in January 2024.