Posted: 06.02.2023 12:16:00

Lukashenko signed decree on establishment of commission to work with those wishing to return to Belarus

On being reported by Prosecutor General Andrei Shved today, the President of Belarus said he had signed a decree on the establishment of a commission to work with those wishing to return to their homeland


“[It is] one of the most important issues. I have signed a decree today – prepared by a group of specialists headed by you – on the consideration of appeals from Belarusian citizens staying abroad regarding the commitment of offenses by them. We discussed this issue with you yesterday. I also looked at the composition [of the commission], and so on. If we have not provided for something here in the decree, the Prosecutor General has enough power to involve the government machinery and civil servants in the solution of the issue related to these fugitives," Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

At the same time, the President stated that it is necessary to focus not only on fugitives, “Some might get out from under the baseboard, they understand that we will find them anyway. Some will apply to the commission. Actually, you will figure out what is what in the commission.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko also commented on the choice of the commission members, “As regards the commission composition, you were right in attracting those who somehow suffered in 2020, against whom terrorist acts or their attempts were committed, and so on. In this case society will understand that the decision is made not by Lukashenko, Shved [Prosecutor General] and other people in power (naturally, we should organise this and play a leading part), but also by those who saw what was happening, and against whom acts of violence and offenses were committed.”