Posted: 31.03.2023 19:13:00

Lukashenko: promises of Western politicians are worthless, the talk is about global loss of trust between states

In his Address to the Belarusian People and Parliament, Belarus’ President called the defence capability of the state an important condition for sovereignty and independence


“It is no need to explain to anyone why a state needs a strong army equipped with the latest hardware, why it should develop its own military industry, and how important it is not to depend on anyone in this matter... The greater we wish to live in a peaceful sovereign state, the stronger we must be. This is an axiom. I will repeat once again for those who have failed to understand: Belarus is a peace-loving country, we do not plan to attack anyone, we do not want to fight with anyone. We do not want to! We have not yet buried the last soldier and civilian whom we lost during the Great Patriotic War. We wholeheartedly want that war to remain the last in the history of our land, soaked in blood and tears. We had enough pain! Meanwhile, life forces us to keep our powder dry, because we know the true face of so-called Western diplomacy. No one has ever thought about peace and the desire to find a compromise there. We learned this lesson even earlier, when the guarantees of our security on the part of the West under the Budapest Memorandum disappeared after the withdrawal of the last nuclear missile from our territory. From now on, we will proceed from the fact that the promises of Western politicians, even sealed with high-ranking signatures, are worthless. There is no more faith in them, and this is not only the case of us. We are talking about a global loss of trust between states,” the President said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, those who have tried on the role of the ruler of the world – the United States and its satellites – are not able to cope with this crisis, “This is because – in the old-fashioned way, like the imperialists of the past centuries – they see a way out in war and do not want to solve security and peace issues on an equal footing with the world community. Is war capable of solving them, especially given the nuclear arsenals at the main centres of power? The answer is obvious to everyone. We are ready for any development of events. [I would like to address] once again all those who are worried about peace and security in Belarus: do not be afraid of anything, everything will be fine, we will – as far as possible – protect the world, not destroy it. Any encroachment on the sovereign territory of Belarus, its military and civilian infrastructure will face an immediate response. I have always declared that. We will respond to the fullest!” the President stressed.