Posted: 22.04.2024 13:30:00

Lukashenko outlined promising areas of co-operation with Arkhangelsk Region in machine building

The most profitable and promising areas of co-operation between Belarus and Russia’s Arkhangelsk Region in machine building include passenger transport, logging equipment, mining dump trucks and joint import substitution projects – as noted by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during today’s meeting with Arkhangelsk Region Governor Alexander Tsybulsky

Touching upon the main directions and prospects for co-operation between Belarus and the Arkhangelsk Region, the Head of State primarily focused on machine building, particularly, on exports of BELAZ equipment, which has proven itself well, including in the conditions of the Far North. The Belarusian leader noted that today negotiations are actively underway on the supply of a batch of mining dump trucks for the First Ore Mining Company.

Passenger transport is the next aspect noted by the President.

“We’re grateful for the choice of modern MAZ buses for large-scale re-equipment of transportation in the capital of your region. The total deliveries in late 2022 and early 2023 amounted to 150 vehicles. Warranty and post-warranty service is a priority for Belarusian manufacturers. You should know that all shortcomings that may be identified during operation will be immediately corrected,” Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined.

The Head of State added that, if necessary, the Belarusian side is ready to ensure assistance in servicing equipment, particularly, to provide its engineers and train specialists on site.

Speaking about the supply of logging equipment, the Belarusian leader noted that the Arkhangelsk Region is one of Russia’s key forest regions.

“AMKODOR machinery is operating at your sites, but some still rely on machines from unfriendly countries, bringing spare parts (via the grey schemes) at exorbitant prices and disassembling broken equipment piece by piece. It’s ineffective,” he asserted.

According to the Head of State, a unique project is being nowadays implemented in Petrozavodsk: the first production of AMKODOR forestry machinery in Russia is being set up. The parent company in Minsk and Amkodor-Onego in Karelia are now polishing quality and adapting to meet the needs of the Russian consumers.

“I hope that Arkhangelsk logging companies will soon show a great interest in the new equipment. I ask you to support this project – beneficial for both sides. At the same time, I do not exclude the possibility that we will directly liaise with you from Minsk and meet all the needs (which are considerable) of the Arkhangelsk Region,” the President voiced his wish.