Posted: 03.11.2023 18:50:00

Lukashenko: due to worsening situation in the Middle East, Ukraine receding into the background

Due to the worsening situation in the Middle East, Ukraine is receding into the background – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during a meeting with BelNPP labour team and builders, as well as social infrastructure workers and Ostrovets residents, BelTA reports


“Ukraine will still be ours. Nobody needs this Ukraine,” said the Head of State. “There’s a mess in the Middle East... I warned when the war started, calling Zelenskyy and telling him to listen to me: ‘I’m an experienced person, I’ve been working for many years. As soon as there’s some kind of mess somewhere, they’ll forget about you’. So what’s going on? Ukraine is receding into the background [because of the aggravation in the Middle East].”

“It’s necessary to think thoroughly before dragging the country into some adventure,” the President added, illustrating his words with the example of Afghanistan, when the Americans fled, “They abandoned it and left. It will be exactly the same here. The US is far away, it’s huge, it doesn’t need this at all. Its policy is muddy, as it’s easier to fish in troubled waters. This is the US policy, and everything else is consumable, like in Ukraine today.”

“Therefore, this region [Ukraine] is our region in the sense that we will be together,” continued Aleksandr Lukashenko. According to him, sooner or later ‘Europe will crawl to us, to Russia’. “Today the Americans are tearing Europe apart, but it cannot resist, because everything is tied up in the US market: loans, property, etc.,” the President said. Moreover, the behaviour of politicians there often runs counter to the interests of peoples and countries. “You see what kind of politicians there are. I look at them as an experienced person and sometimes I want to cry,” the Head of State noted. “They don’t think about their people. They serve a sentence or two, go, steal something, put it in their pockets and leave somewhere. They say that’s exactly what Zelenskyy is going to do.”