Lukashenko answered questions from Russian journalists, commenting on doubling nuclear power capacities, aid to Ukraine and Lithuania’s note

During his visit to the Belarusian nuclear power plant, the President answered questions from Russian journalists, BelTA reports The Head of State was asked what – ‘taking into account healthy Belarusian pragmatism’ – the Russian credit resources saved during the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant could be used for, and Aleksandr Lukashenko replied, “Less taken – less given away. It is natural. As for distribution power grids [the saved funds can be spent on their development], ...

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Lukashenko: due to worsening situation in the Middle East, Ukraine receding into the background

... as social infrastructure workers and Ostrovets residents, BelTA reports Photo: www ...

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Lukashenko has no doubt Poland and Lithuania would come to their senses and restore normal relations with Belarus

... the BelNPP labour team and Ostrovets residents, the President of Belarus ... Markun, a history teacher at Ostrovets secondary school No. 2, asked ...

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Lukashenko on BelNPP: it’s a great gift to Belarusian people by November 7th

... builders, social infrastructure workers and Ostrovets residents photo: www.president.gov ... nuclear power plant in the Ostrovets District. In total, two suitable ... identified in the country: the Ostrovets District and a site in ...

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Lukashenko went to Ostrovets after visiting BelNPP

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, arrived in Ostrovets after visiting the Belarusian nuclear ... 2023, the population of the Ostrovets District made 28,700 people ... with the work of the Ostrovets Central District Clinical Hospital, which ... diagnostic and treatment centre. The Ostrovets hospital includes an inpatient medical ...

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Rosatom CEO handed a symbolic passport of the NPP to Aleksandr Lukashenko

... ’s working trip to the Ostrovets District, the President of Belarus ...

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Lugovskaya: IAEA missions confirmed Belarus' compliance with requirements before start of NPP operation

... of the Belarusian NPP in Ostrovets According to Ms. Lugovskaya, the ...

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