Posted: 31.10.2023 13:00:00

Lukashenko: Belarus raised issue of compensation in connection with shift in timing of Belarusian NPP commissioning

Belarus has raised the issue of compensation by the Russian side in connection with the postponement of the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant – as stated by President Aleksandr Lukashenko, while being reported today on the completion of the BelNPP construction and an increase of the availability of electricity for heating residential buildings


The Head of State drew attention to the fact that the timing of commissioning of the nuclear power plant has shifted slightly due to the Russian side, “Naturally, in line with the contract, we raised the issue of their compensation. It is no need to hide this. There was nothing extraordinary there, but nevertheless such questions were raised due to the fact that the deadlines for commissioning the station had been violated, and the Russian side is responsible for this. They offered us options for the price of fresh nuclear fuel (as for their own stations) and a five-year warranty period [for the main equipment]. Report me on whether this satisfies the Belarusian side. Of course, we should not unnecessarily strain Russians. We had enough electricity, and we still have enough. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal. Are the concessions made by Russians and Rosatom sufficient for the Belarusian side?”