Posted: 28.09.2022 15:48:00

Lithuania will ask the EC for 1.2m Euros of assistance to give shelter to Ukrainian refugees

With the onset of cold weather, up to 100,000 refugees can move to Lithuania from Ukraine, and the Baltic state intends to request financial assistance from the European Commission to give them shelter, TASS reports

According to Lithuania’s Ministry of Social Protection and Labour, Vilnius will ask for 1.2m Euros. “A draft resolution on international assistance from the European Commission for reception of refugees has been prepared, and it will be submitted to the government," it said in a statement.

Forecasts that the flow of Ukrainian refugees will increase in the near future are related to possible problems with heating in Ukraine. It is noted that the infrastructure of central heating and water supply in some parts of the country is completely destroyed. According to the data provided by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, the country has received more than 65,000 refugees since the beginning of the special operation.