Posted: 13.11.2023 17:17:00

Lithuania to allocate 340m Euros to Ukraine in 2024

Lithuania plans to send 340 million Euros to Kiev next year – as stated by the country’s Prime Minister, Ingrida Simonyte, TASS reports

Ms. Symonite noted that Lithuania will need financial resources next year not only to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees: money will be needed to send it as support to Ukraine. "The Government has provided 340 million Euros for this purpose,” she said.

The PM explained that such an amount is planned in the draft state budget for 2024. "This is 0.4 percent of the gross domestic product," she added.

At the end of June, the Lithuanian leadership announced that 1 billion Euros (1.42 percent of GDP) of military, humanitarian and financial assistance had been transferred to Ukraine since the beginning of the military conflict. The amount of military support exceeded 0.5bn Euros.