Posted: 20.02.2024 10:00:00

Lithuania’s mine clearance coalition for Ukraine embraces 20 countries

The international mine clearance coalition for Ukraine – created at Lithuania’s imitative – unites twenty states, TASS reports


According to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry, a protocol of intention to create an international mine clearance coalition for Ukraine was signed in Brussels as part of a meeting of the contact group on military assistance to Kiev. Twenty countries will join the initiative.

It is noted that Lithuania and Iceland will lead the new structure. As informed by Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anusauskas, the training of military specialists in mine clearance is progressing satisfactorily, but the logistical support is insufficient. He added that special equipment is ‘critically lacking’.

The idea to create an international coalition arose as a result of a remote meeting in July 2023 dedicated to issues of security and support for Ukraine in the Ramstein format. The coalition has no plans to participate in mine clearance in the frontline or in the combat zone.